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$500 per month

6-month commitment

1% Total Equity

(1) 75-min Mtg per week


$750 per month

6-month commitment

2 to 5% Equity TBD

(2+) 90-min Mtgs per week

  • As your advisor, Paul will help you establish a winning foundation for your startup, working with you hand-in-hand, and as frequently as possible.

  • In addition to meeting with Paul over 4x per month, Paul will be available for additional free phone calls & emails.

  • During this 6-month period, you'll receive extended exposure to Paul as you deeply explore:

    • Branding and Growth-Marketing Direction

    • Comprehensive Feedback on Sales Presentations

    • Evaluation of Founder Relationships & Contracts

    • Evaluation of Product Road Map and Pivots

    • Direction on a new Customer Discovery Plan

    • Comprehensive Feedback on Investor Presentations

    • Deep discounts on video production and content marketing programs

    • Free promotion during Paul's lectures in the US and abroad

  • You'll receive Paul's book: Startup Confidential: The Raw Unfiltered Truth About Starting A Company

  • For Paul's The Ultimate 3-Day Accelerator, go HERE.